anemones in the fall

Anyone know how much anemones usually are? I want to do the cream/white with black centers for the bouquets.

Re: anemones in the fall

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    edited December 2011
     spring is their usual season.. but you're up north so maybe... you will have to special order them months ahead because they will probably be in short supply. 
    probably about $4 to 5 each flower. 

    I would recommend a first and second choice for sure.   Dahlias might be another option since they are so abundant in your area and also unusual.  

    I do know exactly the photo you are so impressed with... so gorgeous,  sort of not fair to make everybody want something so hard to get.  
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    edited December 2011
      You could also try using the white gerbera daisies with black centers. They have a similar look, but cost a fraction of what anemones will cost you in fall. I also am not a fan of using off-seaosn flowers. They are expensive and usually don't look that great compared to when they are in season.
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