PAPER FLOWERS - great alternative

Paper flowers are a great alternative to real flowers, for those with allergies, those who want to be unique, or just those who don't want to have to pay to preserve their flowers and want them to be just as beautiful as the day they got married 5 years later. 
They look wonderful sitting out in a vase as a centerpiece year-round. You can get a customized rose paper bouquet from for less than you would pay for a traditional bouquet. They are handmade, petal by petal, with 15 hours worth of work going into each bouquet. You can purchase one of these beautiful bouquets for around $250-$300 - at your request you can have smaller bouquets made for your bridesmaids as well. 

Hurry and order as I am limited to two large bridal bouquets per month at this point. 

Re: PAPER FLOWERS - great alternative

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