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Hi girls, I am looking to do my own flowers and I had my heart set on white peonies. I was planning on ordering them from, but the delivery date I need is not available. My wedding is June 1, 2012 and they recommend a delivery date of 3 days before, but the only dates they have available are May 30 and 31. Is that cutting it too close? Are there any other sites that sell reasonably priced peonies? They aren't sold at Costco. Any info would be greatly appreciated!


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  • Try calling their helpline with your concern.  They're incredibly helpful and should be able to give you a good idea of what is doable.  The reason for the odd availabiliy is because of the holiday weekend, but they may be able to help you out some way.

    You could also try looking at, or maybe finding a local florist and see if you could buy a bunch of stems in bulk from them.
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    Thanks I appreciate the advice. Do you know of any other good sites? I didn't see peonies on, but I'll look again. Thanks again!

    ETA: I didn't see white peonies was what it was.

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    Ack I thought I saw peonies as an option there, my apologies.  The only other site I can think of is, but I don't think they have peonies either.

    If you're willing to have silk flowers, they do have them on

    EDIT: You know, it occurs to me that since the problem with the delivery on fiftyflowers is the holiday weekend, you're likely to encounter the same problem regardless of the source.  I think your best option will be to call their helpline and see what they recommend.
  • You were right, they do have peonies. Just not white white, but cream. I think I will just give them a call. And I will check out bunchesdirect. The thing is, the date wasn't always blacked out, but now it is. It wasn't on flowersandfreshness so maybe I have a chance. Thanks!

  • I know my local tom thumb does wedding flowers... I'm not sure if they have peonies, but it's worth a try.
  • FYI  most peonies arrive as tight usually takes more than a day to get them oen enough to make a bouquet.  I would check to see what they recommend for shipping for each comany you are considering.   this may be one time that you should pay the price and order the stems from a florist so you will be assured of getting open flowers.  Just a suggestion
  • Ok thanks for that! I really don't want to mess it up so maybe I will go price them out arount town.

  • Have you tried Sam's Club?
  • No I haven't looked at Sam's. Maybe I will check that out, thanks!

  • If I were you, I would go 4-5 days before so they have some time to open.  Just a thought. 

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    I'm also looking for peonies, but in a dark red and for September. I found which does seem to offer some, but they seem a little more pricey than other sites. However, I'm new to the search so I haven't found many at all. Good luck and let me know if you find something good! I wasn't able to find any at all on Sam's Club's site.
  • Also try
  • If you weren't totally set on buying fresh cut peonies you could always buy real touch or natural touch (depending on the website they will be listed like this) will ship you 3 stems for free you just pay the shipping on them.  Then you can decide if they are life like enough for you and since they won't die it won't matter how early you receive them.  They also sell in bulk so the prices are more reasonable and your bouquet will last forever.
  • Thank you guys for all of your help. After consulting with two different florists I decided not to do peonies because I was told they would not do well in the Arizona heat in June. I am going with garden roses (which look similar) through a florist because I realized I am not up to doing my own flowers! Good luck to all of you!

  • dear bunches....I didn't think that vendors could advertise product for sale ?  am I correct?
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