eggplant colored mini calla lily

Does anyone know where I can get silk eggplant colored mini calla lilys? I have tried Micheals crafts, flower factory, and Jo Ann fabrics and can't seem to find them. I need 20-22 flowers. Thanks!
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Re: eggplant colored mini calla lily

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    I am interested to see if anyone has found them, because I can't find them either!
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    They aren't silk, but more like a rubbery texture that I found. They're at Hobby Lobby. They are cute and still pretty. You might want to check there. If you can't find them anywhere else, maybe they'll be useful for you. They have a few other colors too.
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    i was looking for some silk mini calla lilies and found some on
    The  stalks are like $3.50 each for mini callas, and about $ for regular callas.  i hope they turn out ok.  I plan to get some for our anniversary in the fall
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