mix silk with real flowers?

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Hi ladies!

So the plan is to have a bouquet made up of red roses, dark pink peonies and bright pink gerbera daisies.  It's soo pretty and I'm really excited about it...except that we've had a super cold, wet spring here in southwestern Ontario and my florist isn't sure if the peonies will be available for my June 11'th wedding. :(  Her alternate suggestion was to include silk peonies along with the real roses and daisies.    I don't love silk flowers... I want real but also really want the peonies.

Has anyone ever seen real and silk mixed together before?  What does it look like?

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Re: mix silk with real flowers?

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    I honestly don't kow where you can find slik that look real enough to not look fake next to the real flowers.  I'd start looking for alternate flowers that your florist knows she can get.
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    this a mix of fake and real done by my florist

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    My sister had a mix of fake and real flowers in her boquet 4 years ago.  I was MOH and held the flowers during the ceremony, and they sat on the table in front of me for dinner and I never noticed they weren't all real.  She actually just told me a couple months ago when we were talking about flowers for my wedding.  I don't think anybody else noticed either.
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    My sister recently told me she had a mix of fake and real flowers in her boquet 4 years ago... I held it during the ceremony and it sat on the table right in front of me throughout dinner, and I never knew the flowers were not all real.  Go ahead and use the silk flowers, they'll probably save you some money too!
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