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Would you all want fresh flowers at your wedding for everyone or would you want artificial flowers ( the bouquets, corsage,boutonnieres, table flowers ect), so that you could keep them.

Thank you :)

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  • I preferred fresh so I went with fresh all around.   I find it odd when fresh and artificial are mixed together; but do not mind all fresh or all artificial. 
  • I prefer fresh as well so that is what we used.

    I really don't get the whole, "lets use artificial because then we can keep everything" idea.  What in the world would you do with 10+ centerpieces?

    For me, if I want to remember what my flowers looked like at my wedding all I have to do is look at the pictures.

  • I'm going with artificial for two big reasons: I'm having a hard time swallowing fresh flower prices (especially considering their short lifespan), and I want to be able to see what I'm getting ahead of time.

    I'm in Chicago, but planning our wedding in North Carolina, and I like that I can build my own bouquet and other pieces with my floral designer and see exactly what I will see on our date. I like that I can make changes up until the wedding if I want to, and I like that I will be able to easily preserve things like my bouquet and my fiance's bout. (We'll likely sell our extra centerpieces or let folks take them if they want them).

    The only fresh flowers we are considering are for our cake topper (and only because the cake bakery insisted they only work with certain flower vendors), and special corsages/bouts for the older generation.
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  • We used fresh flowers because that is a personal preference. I have nothing against silk flowers, and have some in my home because I don't want to fuss with re-arranging them all the time and having only fresh flowers available when they are in season.

    I have a huge garden. I pick my flowers and bring them into my home because that is what I like to do. Other people like to leave them on the stems so their garden looks pretty.

    It really is just a personal preference.
  • I'm using dry flowers for bouquets because it's like the best of both worlds! I'm excited to see how they look :) Then we're having fresh flowers for centerpieces, ordered in bulk for less than $100. I don't really like silk but can't afford as many flowers as I'd want if I went all fresh.
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  • I love fresh flowers personally.  I'm a gardener and love to be outside, so that's just my preference.  I have seen some really awesome silk ones though!
  • I'm using silk. My vendor requires it but I also like them because I can see pictures, order them ahead of time, and they won't wilt in hot Texas summer. I'm not using flowers in my centerpieces so that helps keep the cost down. 
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