Flower Stress

Ok, I am officially a bride now... worried about flowers!
We are getting married in a Temple that is sort of arts and crafts architecture and has brick red seats. My bridesmaids will be wearing black short dresses. I want them to have a moody bouquet. Something dark that doesn't contrast with their dresses to much, but compliments the reds in the seats. NOW, here's my confusion. The reception is in a different location and will be gold, navy, ivory, white. Also, my bouquet will be a very classic mix of blush roses and orchids.
I was thinking of the dark bouquet for bridesmaids and matching boutineers (sp!) for the groomsmen, then my husband to be would wear a boutineer that blended with my bouquet. Is this too all over the place?
Please help!

Re: Flower Stress

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    It depends whether you are going to reuse the bouquets to decorate the reception venue, like I am. Otherwise, i don't see why the 2 venues need to match.
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    Check out "black Bacchara" roses... gorgeous.. Or maybe for some contrast just something like simple white orchid sprays with a full deep red ribbon for the bridesmaids....a bit artsy and different...and might show up better in the photos than dark bouquets...
    But...I don't see any reason to think you are all over the place...Set your style throughout but don't fret on the colors... 
    Ivory and white flowers are great or everything... then pop a bit of the "flavor' colors wherever they need to be.  
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