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What do bridesmaids do with their bouquets after the ceremony and intro at the reception? Pretty decor? Accessory all night? What do you think...? Thank you!!!

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  • My ladies walked in with them and then they were set at their seats.  I'm assuming they took them when they left because I didn't see the flowers on the table when DH and I returned after the guests left.  It might be smart to provide a vase with water at their seats if you're not using them as extra decor. 
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  • My bouquet and the BMs bouquets were placed in vases and set on the cake table to add some extra decor.  I am not really sure what happened to them...I guess someone took them home.  I took my bouquet home and then gave it to my MIL so she could enjoy the flowers since I would be away on my HM.

  • You can provide glass vases in square or round shapes and they can put them in there on the head table, or cake table as mentioned above (with minimal water) during the reception. Mine took them home, I have no idea what they did later with them.
  • Thanks for asking your silly question because I was wondering the same thing myself!!
  • Thank you everyone :) I'll let my girls choose where they want to put them
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