Janna Coe- Worst florist in Columbus, OH

My wedding flowers and entire floral theme were completely ruined  b/c of Janna Coe and Renee Cummings (the co-owner and person in charge of "Janna Coe Designs").  

The flowers that we paid for and agreed upon in the contract were not used, rather Janna and Renee decided to rip me off and use much cheaper types of flowers across the board.  They also got colors wrong all over the place (ribbons, etc), and arrangements that were supposed to be very large and for which we paid quite a premium were substituted for tiny rinky-dink arrangements.  This is a complete rip off.
We never saw a refund and when confronted Renee Cummings claimed that she lived up to the contract.  Obviously I am going to pursue them in small claims court, as we are owed a huge chunk of our entire payment back based on what was not delivered per our contract.  
If you want a wedding florist that is actually present on your wedding day- LOOK ELSEWHERE!  Janna Coe was never even on site to oversee the job- she merely gave the instructions to someone else and sent them on their way!  We were promised that she'd actually be there and present to set up, and she wasn't!  Amazing.  
To add insult to injury, we were put into contact w/ Renee Cummings, and she is quite a gem let me tell you.  Never before have I been so appalled at how rude and petty someone who just ripped you off could be.  She is the real culprit here, since she must be pulling Janna Coe's strings.  
This floral company is a complete joke, and the 2-ring circus running it is even more rude than they are conniving.  I assume they believe they can pull this scam off since most people are so overwhelmed on their wedding day that they won't notice that the florist ripped them off?   Oh well i suspect they won't be in business for long at the rate they're going.  This is just a warning to anyone in the danger zone of securing their services.

Re: Janna Coe- Worst florist in Columbus, OH

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