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Hey Ladies! I will be getting married next year and still cant decide if I want to have real flowers or if fake ones would be nice too. I am very much on a tiny budget so I am concerned real flowers would cost a bit too much. I'm also not sure how much of an impact real flowers would have over fake ones. Please give me some advice!!

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    If you really want to save then try going with a non-floral centerpiece or even submerged flowers.  If you do submerged flowers you will only need a couple of stems per table which should really cut down costs.

    Here are some ideas I found on google:
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    I am also getting married next year (June 18) and one of my biggest decisions has been real vs fake.  I have done alot of price comparisons and was surprised to find out that there is not much difference in prices of bouquets that are pre-made fake as well as real ones.  I am leaning towards roses and I am thinking of ordering fresh from

    Some questions to ask yourself:

    Do you want to DIY the bouquets and bouts or do you want them made by professionals?

    How many do you need?

    How much do you want to spend per bouquet/bout?

    Do you want keepsakes(fake) or realistic pictures(real)? - Fake flowers look fake in most pictures, unless you get the "realtouch", which can be more expensive than fresh.

    Make some appts. with local florists to find out what types of flowers are available for the time of year your wedding is taking place.  Someone has mentioned on this board that getting roses in February is a bad idea - they are overpriced then, but in June, roses are pretty common. 

    One nice thing about getting married next year is there is plenty of time to sort all this out.

    Happy Planning!


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    As far as price, I think like the PPsaid, they run about the same but personally fake will always look fake no matter how "real" they are. I like real flowers.
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