Real Vs. Silk

So I just happen to be marrying a man whose Mother does Silk floral arrangements.

I personally have never cared for silk flowers and have always thought I would have real flowers at my wedding.  To my, flowers are a big part of the day - I would rather put extra money toward an amazing photographer or have a photobooth at our wedding.

As soon as we were engaged my fiance's mother asked me if I would like her to do the flowers or if I wanted to go with real flowers (Lucky me to be the first daughter in law!!) I said I would like Real Flowers for the bouquets and she could do some arrangements for the ceremony along with the flower balls for the pews (basically just to keep her busy)

Well my Fiance's parents are being very generious &  helping us by paying for part of the reception. They said they would also help by paying for the flower ("if Mom does them") by paying for the centerpieces ("if Mom does them") and the decorations ("if Mom does them")
well I have already decided on centerpieces and decorations because I knew I could make them myself inexpensively - lots of candles, vases, etc. So "If mom does them" doesn't really help us.

well then comes the budget. we want to save where we can - so Ive been considering just letting her do the bouquets in silk so we can save some money and put it elsewhere.

Is it me or is my future mother in law trying to control all decorations and push her silk flowers on me??
Should I just let her do the bouquets to save the cash? How much will people really be seeing the flower anyways?
Would it be a good idea to have her do all the bouquets except mine since that will be the one photographed the most?

please advice before I lose my mind!!

Re: Real Vs. Silk

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    flower_divaflower_diva member
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    tread carfully many strings attached.....I would rather see you spend $500 of your own money and not be obliged to anyone. Unless you know this lady VERY well and know she will do exactly as you want,be careful.
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    plessjmplessjm member
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    I agree you need to tread very carefully. Since she does this for a living she might push a design on you that she loves and you might not. For centerpieces and decor prolly not that huge deal if she does them unless she typically gets carried awayed.
    For the girls' bouquets and yours I would definately go with real. It just feels more special that way in my opinion. Maybe you could suggest to your FMIL if she really wants to make your bouquet if maybe she makes a copy of your bouquet in artificial so you will be able to have a lifelong keepsake.
    Hope this helps... good luck~

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    Thanks for the advice! I think i will do real for me and my BM's then have her make a replica.
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