Flower Issues Galore!!!!

I am having a darker sage green and champagne wedding. The girls dresses are a green color with a gold undertone to it (Morilee 803 in color shown). I really love the calla lily flowers so I decided to go with them as the wedding flower. They are pricey so I thought about having them carry a large single calla but have not seen any pictures of this being done. On one hand I think it would look elegant but on the other i think it may look a little cheap???

I was thinking about adding a touch of color to the wedding so i was looking at the burnt orange callas. I understand that the girls bouquet should be a smaller version of mine and should be cohesive when all put together but I am having second thoughts about the colored callas. My dress is ivory and someone said that white callas may make the dress look dirty. Then I thought, well I can carry the colored bouquet and the girls can carry the white. Do that look right? So maybe I want the girls to have white AND burnt orange callas...then i thought about how the two maid of honors dresses are the same as the BM's and i wanted to set them apart from the other girls by their flowers...How would I be able to do that without having too much going on?

I am doing all of this from out of state so it is double as hard as it would be under normal conditions...PLEASE help!

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    Sounds like you need to take a deep breath. I think a single calla looks fine, I saw it somewhere. I think it depends on how old the BMs are too. The younger the simpler their flowers can be. Most of the people won't be paying as much attention to the court's flowers as they will to you and your dress. Brides use white callas all the time, so i don't think they'd make your dress look dirty. Maybe you can wear white. the MOHs wear orange, and then the BMS a mix?

    If it was me, i'd give everyone all white flowers, since you already have two colors going on with the BM dresses. And that makes it simpler for you.
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    Ehh, I'm not actually sure I love the idea of white with the ivory/champagne/green theme you have going on. I don't think it would necessarily make your dress like dirty - but something about a bright white flower with those colors seems a little off to me!

    Here are my thoughts... Go with the orange callas for the girls. One would proabably look fine, if you really don't like it then go with three. For yours, have the orange callas but have them mixed in with a few other types of flowers that are off-white or ivory. Your florist should be able to give you some good ideas for more inexpensive flowers that will help off-set the cost of the callas. Then for your MOHs just give them mini verions of your bouquet. I think that would solve most your problems? No "dirty" dress, still get the callas you love, and your MOHs get to stand out.

    Good luck!

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    I was in my brothers wedding and they used single lillys and I have pictures, it may help you get an "idea"

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    Bridesmaids bouquets don't need to be smaller versions of yours; mine aren't.  As for having the maid of honor stand out, this is what I am doing:

    My bouquet: Fire and Ice Roses with winter greens (Getting married January 7)

    Maid of Honor: Pine, poinsettias, berries, and fire and ice roses

    Bridesmaids: Pine, poinsettias, berries, and cream roses. 

    The bridesmaids have a totally different boquet than I do, but I am incorporating roses from my boquet into the MOH so that she has something slightly different from the other bridesmaids.  Her dress is also a different color (dark green to their red).  You could also have her wear a sash, if that would work with her dress.

    So perhaps you could do orange with yours, white with the bridesmaids, and orange and white with the MOH?  Or have theirs be something differnet from long as there is some sort of connection (color scheme etc) I don't think there is anything wrong with that. 
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    Does this seem like an idea you'd like?  I think burnt orange would be very pretty!

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    The mango calla lilies only come in minis, the only colored calla that is full sized is a green goddess. A single mini calla lily would indeed look very cheap. Why not bundle them into a groupf 5 or 7 if you want something small? Mix some mini white callas along with the mango callas into the MOH's bouquet. Carrying a mix of white flowers in your bouquet would not make your ivory dress look dirty. Try a mix of creamy white garden roses, mini white callas and white hydrangea. The mix of whites will add texture and different tones, keeping you looking beautiful in your ivory dres :) 

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