bouquet with a very detailed dress?

my dress has a very detailed bodice with silver embroidery, pearls, crystals, rhinestones, sequins, etc (very sparkly!).  it's drop waist with vines trailing down the skirt which is organza.  i'm at a complete loss as to what kind of bouquet i should carry.  i want something simple so it doesn't outshine my dress, but at the same time almost anything feels like it would be too much in front of my dress.  any suggestions??

Re: bouquet with a very detailed dress?

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    Do you have a picture of your dress or a link to it?
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    I'd say stick with monochromatic, structured flowers that will look sleek and fairly uniform, like the PPs' rose bouquets.
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    I love this bouquet... it is 50 stephanotis blooms with crystal centers in a perfect tiny nosegay with beaded leaves on the edges... so simple but really perfect for a formal but simple look.
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