Can you hire 2 florists?

I have talked with 2 florists and I think one would be great for the personal flowers and the other would be better for the ceremony/reception, etc.  Can I hire them both or is that poor form?  I don't think there is any way they would "clash" on look/style but I think the first would be more creative/unique for the personal flowers.  Has anyone heard of doing this? 

Re: Can you hire 2 florists?

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    jagore08jagore08 member
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    I don't see why not but remember that if you have them delivered you will be paying twice the delivery fee.
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    flower_divaflower_diva member
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    you can always ask the florists,but don't be suprised if the asnswerr is no. As a professioinal I do not want anyone thinking that someone elses work is mine or vise versa. Talk to a few more florists until you can find someone you are happy with for both jobs.
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    mica178mica178 member
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    yes, you can.  i know people who have.  some florists are better at personal flowers, and others are better at table arrangements.  if it's a big job, the florist would likely have assistants do parts of the job anyway, no one person can do all that work by his/herself.
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    I would check with them first. Some may have a clause in the contract that will say you can't use another florist.

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    Thanks for the help! Not sure which way I will go yet so I really appreciate the perspectives!
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    As a florist myself, I would recommend speaking with theone that you have a slightly heavier preference on their style, price, etc.  Tell them what you liked about your other quote/florist' style and I bed they can do the same work with the same varieties of flowers.  I you're detail specific, they should be able to do it... and you get the best of both worlds while only paying for one! : )

    Best of luck!
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    I am... Our venue has a package were you get centerpieces and when I talked to the lady everything I wanted to do she didnt want to, so I found myself a new florist and made the other one get the same flowers and im gonna use those around the place... Im not losing out on that money and if she doesnt like it tuff she should have done what I wanted in the 1st place and not try to talk me down in price.. come on lady I didnt say I wanted cheap i willing to pay and you lost out on it!!
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