florist says no

we do not use carnations, baby's breath, daisy mums, alstroemeria or leatherleaf in our designs because
We just have a design aesthetic that we hold to and we dislike those flowers. We will use carnations in mass (like in a pomander) but really in no other instances. We have a certain look and feel we go for, and those items cheapen the look.
  do they really?

Re: florist says no

  • Is this a florist that you already booked or just someone you are interviewing? I used to be against carnations, but arranged the right way, they can look very nice. Same thing with the other flowers. If you haven't already booked with them, I'd find someone else. A florist should be able to work with your tastes to come up with something beautiful

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  • I'm torn about these types on vendors.  On the one hand, it's your wedding and if you love carnations, you should have them.  On the other, they're professionals.  They have risked their capital to start a business that is succeeding, thanks to their talent and their taste.  I'm more inclined to trust that taste.  They can open up your eyes to options you hadn't considered.   

    Since I own a business, I guess I am a little more likely to understand that some people really do know what they're talking about - they're not just trying to be snooty.
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  • A good florist should be able to pair her professionalism and expertise with the personal choices of the customer.  Our florist did comment on some of our choices as to how a particular flower might "hold up" in certain arrangements, or speak to the cost of an out of season flower, but never did she refuse to incorporate any flower.

    She was able to create an incredibly elegant and beautiful look using only candles and baby's breath....(not my daughter's wedding)

    My point is a good florist will want to accommodate you and your choices, and not worry perhaps about her "gallery" or personal tastes.  I would look elsewhere for a florist.

  • I think that most people who know even a little bit about flowers know that all of those flowers are on the less expensive end of the scale and are extensively used as filler.  I tend to agree that it cheapens the look, although I do like both carnations in masses, and baby's breath used alone.  But not as filler in a mixed bouquet or centerpiece.  I agree with the florist.
  • Yes, the florists may be professionals in their field, but they could still be open to the clients' preference and also budget. What if they are going for a rustic theme or a natural wild flower look? Those flowers would work great for that theme. If they can make beautiful arrangements with those flowers, it only showcases their range of work. I know they have the right to refuse clients, but it just still seems a little snooty to me that they won't even consider it. Maybe they cater to the more high end spectrum, but I'm sure there are other florists who would work with you and do a wonderful job. 

    We made the bouquet below for my bridal portraits (not the one I'm holding), and I thought it was beautiful. That one has alstroemeria in it. 

    I wish I had better views of my manzanita centerpiece, but the planter boxes were filled with roses, hydrangeas, as well as the filler flowers: alstroemeria, carnations, button poms, and small mums. People loved them and thought they were from the florist. 


    We got married 11/3/12!!

  • very pretty i will keep looking thank you!
  • Yeah, I wouldn't book this florist. It's your wedding.

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  • I think it's amusing that the flowers you posted are some of the least expensive out there. I'm inclined to believe the florist wants to make more money than they felt they would have on your wedding. It's their loss. You'll find someone who will be happy to work with you and your budget.
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  • I'd find another florist.  I think done right any of those flowers will look gorgeous at a wedding.  I also used to be against carnations but last year I bought mother's day flowers that had hot pink carnations (I'm also against the color of hot pink) but the flowers looked amazing.  The bouquet colors were purple and hot pink and they were so pretty and so much fun.  Ever since then hot pink carnations have been one of my favorite flowers.
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