DIY wrapping ribbon around flower stems?

Hi could anyone explain how to wrap the stems of a bridal bouquet in 2 ribbon colours. I will be using a wide black ribbon to wrap around the stems first and a thinner looking ribbon criss crossing over the wider ribbon.

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Re: DIY wrapping ribbon around flower stems?

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    emporafloraemporaflora member
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    I can help try to explain. Once you have wrapped the entire bouquet in black, cut your white ribbon at a long enough length, probably  48 inches to be safe. Start at the bottom. Make sure your ribbon is even at both ends and wrap your first layer. You then take the two ribbon strands and twist them over each other and bring it around the back and do the same to the front and just keep doing this. Make sure to pay attention to where you do your twists on your ribbon as it you want it to line up straight. Here is a photo of a bouquet I did with the Ballerina tie.
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    The picture the PP posted is a very good example. 

    I tape the bouquet stems thouroughly with floral tape, only where it will be covered with ribbon.  Then I start the satin ribbon by taping it to the floral tape to hold it, underneath where it won't show.  I add a touch of hot glue to help hold it, at the bottom when starting, and at the end/top.  Alwasy start or stop your ribbon in the "back" of the bouquet so it won't show as much. 

    After the wide ribbon is wrapped and secured, tie a knot in the middle of the skinny ribbon, and pin it in the back of the stems, where the other ribbon starts.  Criss-cross it, and pin at each twist, making sure they are lined up straight. 

    When you get to the top, end the ribbon and tie it off in the back.  You can tie the remaining ribbon in a bow, or cut it off short, or tuck it in.
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