How do I pick a florist???

So, I found a bouquet I fell in love with I'm having a spring wedding its roses and tulips and calla lilies. I've been looking online for hours trying to find a florist and I'm overwhelmed. How do I know whats expensive and whats a good price?? 

Re: How do I pick a florist???

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    Can't do it online.... ! You need to get out and meet them and see how you jibe!

    Start with talking to the venue coordinator, caterers, and people in the town that might have a clue about the local designers... 

    It's sort of like the dress, once you find the one you'll know it!  It's really fun but you have to do the one on one. 

    Check your local boards and vendors on the knot first ... 

    love tulips by the way..they are cheap, callas are no  and roses are very reasonable... so that shouldn't be an overexpensive look.

    Make some calls and get the's fun!
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    Agree with PP--try your local board, ask your venue, browse websites, etc.  Pick a few you like, check their reviews on Wedding Wire, and then go meet with them.
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    Another idea would be to order an arrangement at the same price from 2 or 3 florists just to see their design style.  You can compare style, design, flowers, and size...if you fall in love with one then you know that florist would probably work for you. 

    Asking your venue who they have dealt with in the past would be a great place to start.  They will usually point you in the direction of a florist who is reliable and reasonably priced.  You should also ask your friends and family which florist they prefer to use when sending flowers.

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