Suggestions for flowers for a Christmas Themed Winter Wedding?

Hi all! My fiance and I getting married in TEN MONTHS (SQUEE!) and we're trying to buckle down and get our acts together, going over our budget again, getting vendors, etc. We've done a lot at this point from the Venue to the DJ, Rings to Photography, but one of our biggest stumbling blocks is flowers! We know next to nothing on the subject, and they have kind of fallen to one of the last things for us to figure out. Only we're not getting too far on our own lol.

So I was hoping to ask all of you; what would you suggest for a christmas themed winter wedding? We have al arge wedding party with two brides, and ten bridesmaids, not to mention a flower girl and such.

One thing we can't use is poinsettia's. One of our bridal party is HIGHLY allergic to them. We had thought of mini christmas tree's for centerpieces, but we've found nothing that jumps out at us.

So again, I ask the board: what would you suggest? Any and all ideas are welcome! Thank you for you time!


Re: Suggestions for flowers for a Christmas Themed Winter Wedding?

  • For centerpieces 
     - Fresh or fake wreaths with a pillar candle in the center
     - A large triffle bowl or glass hurricane filled with colorful ornaments
     - White and red pillar candles of different heightswrapped randomly with gold or silver colored thread and then placed on a red or silver charger\
     - Varying height lanterns with "snow" and petals sprinkled on the table
     - Bowl of cranberries filled with water and floating candles placed on top

    You can either choose one centerpiece or pick 2 or three to provide some variety.

    As for personal flowers you cannot go wrong with red and cream but I also love when a bright green is added to the mix.  It adds a pop of color that isn't expected.  See below...

  • I agree with everything the prior poster said.

    Flowers that are able to be secured regardless of season, and that are reasonably priced  are things like roses, carnations, baby's breath, mums.

    I really like the idea of a glass bowl (round ones are called "rose bowls") filled with ornaments. You can get battery operated light strings from this site (that I've ordered from and have been very happy with): They have 6 ft strands of battery operated mini lights for I think $3.50-$5 each.

    I peeked at your bio and see your colors are red and might want to get away from that if you have a lot of it in other things in those colors (table covers, napkins, etc) and just go with white centerpieces with lanterns, flowers, or candles, with a touch of one of those colors.

    Good luck.
  • Could you go full on Christmas with a couple of red and white roses tied with white pine branches?  Small branches of white pine are very delicate looking and would pop next to a few red or white roses?  Other bright flowers with a strong stem would work too....Carnations, gerberas, callas.  I am just not sure what would be available at Christmas. 
  • Could you do something with holly or hypericum?
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