June flowers in MI

I'm trying to figure out a cheap way to do bouquets for my wedding in the middle of June in Michigan. My colors are purple (more like a plum or eggplant) and yellow (saffron). Do any of  you have any idea what purple and yellow flowers are in season at that time?

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    This is an international board- might be a good idea to post this on one of the Michigan boards.

    However, (I'm in metro Detroit) I do know that there are local farms that should be selling snapdragons, dhalias, cosmos, gerbera daisies, roses/ garden roses, viburnum, sunflowers, etc etc- there are a lot of options!

    Typically, because our spring season is long and summer is shorter, you might want to look into what people usually call "late spring" flowers if you're going local in Michigan. Hydrangea, possibly some tulips, stuff like that
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    Hi Miss Claire. I'm also in Michigan, and the above information is accurate. Depending on the area you will be in, and how much work you want to do DIY, it will depend.

    I'm all about Costco, since finding their floral website.  Flowers can be delivered a day or two before the wedding and will be fresh upon arrival, and stay fresh. Here's the link to their bulk flowers website, with yellow roses and purple alstroemeria:|62777&N=4018715&ViewAll=44&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&cat=62788&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-US&topnav=

    Their prices are great, and they also have a wedding section. If your wedding will be anywhere near a costco, and you want to see the flowers beforehand, they sell 2 dozen roses for $15, and have mixed bouquets as well in the stores.

    If you are up in the northern section of Michigan in June, the lilacs bloom later than the metro Detroit area, and there are darker shades of purple available.

    Good luck.
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