Flower help!

*Takes a deep breath* Okayyyy...

Well, I know nothing about flowers.
I finally hired a wedding planner, and she gave me a list of things I need to decide on before I can meet with her...One of those being "Flowers".

I have to decide if I want REAL or FAKE - & I'm deciding on Real.

Also, I have to decide on what kind. This is tough, because I know nothing about what flowers are used at weddings...

My colors are Dark Blue & Silver, So how am I supposed to find flowers those colors? ANY suggestions?????
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Re: Flower help!

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    Are you having any accent colors?  I would think white, deep red or pink would look good with those colors.  You could also do lavender or different shades of blue (like blue hydrangea).  If you Google something like "dark blue silver wedding" diffrent images will come up that can give you ideas.  Here's one I liked;

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    If you have a wedding planner, and a florist, you don't have to know a lot about flowers.  All you have to have is a rough idea of what looks you like, and if you want a main color theme.  They can usually take it from there, that's why you pay them the big bucks.

    Unless you are very partcular about the flowers, you will scarcely notice them on your wedding day, as long as you have some, and they look pretty in the pictures, it's all good. 

    Find a few pictures of bouquets you like, and show them to your planner and florist.  Tell them you want a similar look, and in what colors.  If you don't know, ask for their advice, they've done way more weddings than you and will know what will look good.

    If you want to keep the costs under control, tell the florist to keep it simple with reasonably priced flowers, and stay away from very expensive or exotic flowers. 
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    Okay great, thank you SO much for the advice both of you!!!!
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