Lapis (purple) from David's Bridal

I need help with what kind of flowers to use in my bouquet and what to use for centerpieces. My wedding will be in the spring time.

I thought about using everyday potted plants in diffferent containers as centerpieces. I want to use butterflies as well.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Lapis (purple) from David's Bridal

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    I like the potted plants idea - I am thinking of doing that also, and tagging one chair at each table to "win" the centerpiece, so I am not stuck with a bunch of plants at the end of the day!

    If you can find some butterfly decorations, such as plastic ones mounted on picks to push into the soil, that would be nice.  If you google butterfly decorations I am sure you will find hundreds of ideas.

    As far as a springtime bouquet, you might want to ask a florist what types of flowers are in season for your wedding, or check out for bouquet ideas.  They ship your flowers to you directly, and they are lovely!  I think their prices are quite reasonable also from what I have seen and compared.

    Happy Planning!

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    I like the potted plant idea. You can always reuse potted plants unlike stems which die a few days later.

    Are you looking for spring plants to match the Lapis color?  If so, try snapdragons, salvia, verbena, heliotrope, petunias, and setcreasea. These are available in spring and will do well if brought inside over night in the case of frost.
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    Thanks for all the advice!
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