Since my groom and I are both outdoorsy people, we are seriously considering using wildflowers for our wedding flowers. The wedding will be in October. Any ideas?
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Re: Wildflowers?

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    Check out
    It's a blog and has a ton of inspiration/real weddings with wild flowers
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    They always have great wildflowers at the farmer's markets in my area.  I thought about asking one of the vendors if they'd consider delivering/taking an order. 
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    sunflowers are used the most in the fall as they are quite sturdy.  Talk to your florist and see what you come up with!
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    You have to figure out where to get them and see whats blooming at that time in your area.... 
    Wildflowers sound easy and are gorgeous but the weather is everything to them so  you will have to e really flexible. 

    Local gardeners or farmers will be your best source of information.  
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    Since fall weather can be crazy, you could talk with a florist about "wild-flower-ish" arrangements.
    A friend of mine LOVES wild flowers and she got a boquet that was from a florist that used a really neat blend of Yellows, reds, blues, and white that made it look like someone scooped it up along the highway. (Even though there were small roses, and lillys in the boquet)

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    My wedding is in october too.. i have no idea what kinda flowers were gonna have.. what kind of floers do u have in october?
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    My wedding is also next october. When we talked to the florists she suggest sunflowers, mini calli lilies, and gerber daises. She also said roses but I don't like using roses, they are too cliche for me. Also, using wheat or berries may give a bouquet a more "natural" look. 
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