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My florist is a friend from high school who lives in another state. She has tasked me with finding some refrigerated space to store the flowers in, and I am coming up empty. I've asked the hotel we have a block of rooms at, as well as the place we're getting married/having the reception. (They have an attached catering company, but no refrigeration. We have to bring all of our drinks pre-chilled.)

The venue said I might want to try a self-storage place. I haven't called any yet, but I will. Any other suggestions of the types of places where I might be able to rent some cold space for a couple days?

(We don't have a ton of flowers. My bouquet, five bridesmaid bouquets, seven boutennieres, corsages for my mom and grandmother, pomander for the flower girl, 8 arrangements for centerpieces, and probably about 2 dozen loose flowers.)

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    supermarkets, mini markets, produce stores, local florists, restaurants, 

     or just get another room and blitz the air conditioning.. you dont actually need refrigeraton if the flowers are nice and fresh and kept in water... bus she would need to work the day before... 
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