Mom doesn't get my vision.

Today I was telling my mom and showing her a couple pictures of my DIY bouquets that a friend is making for me and she doesn't seem to like the fact that I'm not using real flowers for my bouquet and my bridesmaids bouquets.
My friend is making hand made satin flower/feather/brooch bouquets for us which I have seen many pictures of and love. I am doing it because I think it looks nice, I'm using all real flowers for everything else, I like the idea of myself and the bridesmaids being able to keep the bouquets after the wedding if they want to instead of flowers that will just wilt and die a day later, I don't think you can really tell in pictures that much, and oh it saves a little bit of money.

No real question here, just venting about trying to make my Mom see my vision a little and being understanding about what I like and want.

Does anybody else have a part of their wedding that they envision but are having a hard time helping others to see it? Is there something that you love, but others just don't "get" that you want to do?

Re: Mom doesn't get my vision.

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    Sorry to hear that your mom's reply is giving you angst.  I completely understand the need to vent.  So now ... you can breathe and relax, hopefully!  :)

    I'm not really one to share my vision for others' approval.  In planning the wedding, my FI and I are keeping planning very close to the vest.  At the end of the day, everyone likely has a "valid" vision (valid for them), but it's our wedding, so our two opinions are the only ones that count.
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    Your totally right and I'm trying to remember that. At the end of the day everyone will have an opinion no matter what you do, but as long as FI and I are happy with what we're doing, that is what counts:) Thanks for the feedback:)
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    It's you and your FI's wedding so if you have a particular vision/dream in mind, go for it. My MIL is quite an opinionated woman and made her feelings known about a couple of things that I was doing, but as it was my wedding day and not hers, I brushed them aside.
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    No one "Gets" my wedding vision either. I'm also doing brooch bouquets and people look at my like I'm crazy when I say I'm not having any flowers at my wedding. I just brush everything aside and know that when it's all said and done, they will feel silly for ever questioning my opinion. :)
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    I understand that your mum oppinion is important to you, but hey, sicne wedding on, only your housband's should be the one you care about!

    I don't like plastic flowers neather, fresh are far away to beautiful. but it is your wedding, so you should have the one you like!

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