Flowers from Sam's Club

Has anyone ordered flowers from Sam's Club? If you have were you happy with the flowers?

Re: Flowers from Sam's Club

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    Never ordered them for an event, but I do pick them up all the time for folks and special occasions. I think they're just fine and they last several days.
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    I buy flowers from Sam's all the time, and find they have great prices, and pretty consistent quality. 

    I have special ordered flowers in bulk from there a couple of times, and picked them up at our local store.  They came in on time, looked great, lasted well, and the flower lady called me to let me know they were in their cooler, and awaiting pick up.

    I've had them make arrangements a couple of times, when I didn't have time to do it myself. 
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    My friend ordered all of her flowers from Sam's Club this past May. They looked gorgeous. I don't know if the type of flower matters, but hers were red roses and they were in great condition. They didn't throw any away and had so many they were able to decorate with far more than they expected.

    Just make sure to put in water when they arrive!
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