What color flowers with these color dresses?

I am ready to change my colors!  I am so frustrated with trying to find flowers to match my bridesmaid dresses and the junior bridesmaid outfit!  The dresses and outfit are chocolate brown over all.  The dresses are to have a pool blue sash and the junior bridesmaid has a pool blue floral pattern.  I don't want to do all ivory flowers, but none of the blue flowers I can find match the blue in the sash - in fact, they usually clash!  I have blue and brown satin and grosgrain ribbon for the wraps, but I would like some color!  Do I add a third color?  I was thinking about black-cherry red or bubble gum/hot pink.  Any input would be appreciated - I am about to give up! 

I was looking at using blue hydrangea, ivory peonies and roses, but the blues are iffy together, and I have to stick with something inexpensive.  I also considered tulips, as we are getting married in mid-June, and they are still in season here.  I was considering ordering my flowers from Sams in bulk, since I have training in floral arranging, and the bouquets and centerpieces will be quite simple and rustic.  The color scheme is killing me, though, and I hate to scrap it, but I don't know what to do!

Re: What color flowers with these color dresses?

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    The colors don't have to "match" the dress or accent colors exactly, and there are never any guarantees that the color flowers you order will arrive in exactly that color. 

    I would have suggested what you've already thought of, all ivory, or ivory and blue hydrangeas. 

    You could also do a mixture of colors, like ivory, pink, blue, orange, and a little yellow.

    Generally, I'd say when in doubt, keep it simple.  You will have a gazillion other things to worry about at the last minute.  You don't need to add stress and waste time by second guessing every decision. 
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    Blue, Cream, Green...(.soft )
    want more color just a tiny touch of pink (soft )
    You'll love it! "really!"
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    The bubble gum pink against the rich brown and serene blue says modern and fun.

    The black cherry against the rich brown and serene blue says sophisticated.

    Either sounds great.  Go for it! 
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    blue, pink, white, anything really don't go with red though

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