Will sunflowers go with my dress?

I am wearing an ivory gown with a champagne sash. I love sunflowers and they will stand out beautiful against my bridesmaids' dark teal dresses, but I'm wondering if they will look good with the color of my dress.


If it won't match, is there something I can do that will work for me and still go well alongside the bridesmaids's sunflowers?

Re: Will sunflowers go with my dress?

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    i love this idea.  i think sunflowers are so earthy, bright, and happy!

    go for it!

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    There are different shades and sizes... choose a smaller and more refined variety for your bouquet... I love love love sunflowers and everything they reflect.   
    no luck attaching photo but look at Burpee seeds for great photos of some of the different ones .   
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    My dress is ivory with a champagne sash as well!
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    Thanks for the feedback and advice! Feeling more confident now.

    McKenna2012, I like your style!

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