blue hydrangeas?

I hear that blue hydrangeas don't do too well out of water and in heat. How well do they hold up in centerpieces, though? We are getting married in July and the recpetion is indoors. Our colors are blue and yellow, and I was thinking of using blue hydrangeas as the focal flower in the centerpieces.

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    hydrangeas are beautiful flowers and look lovely on centerpieces!

    morher nature just does not produce much blue flowers.,, however hydrangeas are the exception, you can find natural blue and tinted blue hydrangeas in the market.

    tinted flowers will not be a problem with centerpieces, most tinted hydrangeas are sprayed, they will not loose their color.

    natural blue hyadrangeas tend to change tones with the season, they can even be purplish blue, if what you need is a true, no color variations, then I would say tinted is the best choice.

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    Hydrangea should hold up well in doors. They do the very best if put in a vase with water. But they should also hold up for the day if arranged in floral foam.  Florist know exactly how to prepare them and let them drink water before arranging. First they are cut and placed in water to drink from the long flight to the wholesaler. After they have drank for a few hours they are then put into the cooler to harden, in floral terms.Then placed into the floral foam. If water is added to the vase with the floral foam they should be just fine. I use hydrangea almost everyweek for weddings and they hold up great if the florist keeps them hydrated and adds water the am before delivery. The florist should also spray the petals with water, or a liquid called hawaiin. This adds hydration to the petals. If you have a responsible florist (which most are) you should have NO worries about them holding up, as long as they remain in the foam or in a vase with water. The problem comes up if they are used in boutineers, which will not have a water souce. I try to steer brides away from fresh hydrangea in boutineers or corsages, for this very reason. Or offer a silk hydrangea for these purposes. Don't worry, they will be lovely.
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    Indoors, in vases with water preferably or foam, as someone said above, they should be fine. I don't usually rec them for outdoor weddings in handtied bouquets though, as they need a constant water source or they wilt..
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