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Plano Bridal Show

Did anyone go to the Plano Bridal Show today?  I went and really had a good time!!!

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    courtski2004courtski2004 member
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    It was really great, I agree!! After I left I was a little upset that I didn't ask more questions or even SEE the florists booths. I'm glad I picked up some lit for photogs...I thought I had decided on mine until my recent reading on yelp.com!
    Also mad that I overlooked the 'label' booth at the front...those would have saved SO much time instead of writing my name/addy/ph # every 5 minutes!!!
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    MLandCJMLandCJ member
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    I wish I had gone, but the Dillard's near me called and said they were having a bridal event Sunday.

    There were maybe 5 vendors. They weren't very expierenced discussing their business.


    This person who was a florist/caterer/photog.

    ME: Oh Wow! You do everything?
    VENDOR: Yes.
    ME: You are located in Dallas?
    VENDOR: Yup.

    Literally all of her answers were one word answers.I kept thinking she was going to expand on each question I asked. I'm used to bridal show mode were they give you a mini presentation in 45 secs lol.
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