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I think I picked the hardest colors for my wedding to match Flowers too. My colors are Navy and Silver. My Flowers are white Stephanotis with rhinestone centers. I want to include some in the bridesmaids bouquets but that is all I know. I hate roses(I know that is weird) so I need some Ideas on flowers to pull in Silver and Navy. Anybody please also my bouquets have to be silk!!!

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    What if you wrap the bouquet stem in navy/silver ribbon. The girls could have navy ribbon and you could have silver, or vice versa. You could also do a double wrap like this

    Another idea is wrapping the bouquets in navy ribbon and putting silver brooches on each bouquet. I'm doing each girls first initial on their bouquet to personalize it
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    I'm doing the same colors for my wedding and had a hell of a time coming up with ideas. I have decided to keep the bridesmaids bouquets super simple with just white flowers and a blue ribbon around the stems. For myself I am also doing white flowers but am adding in some clusters of sparkly blue crystals and I am wrapping the stems in blue ribbon. I also know that there are some plants that have light gray leaves so I am looking at using some of that instead of greenery. I don't know what it's called though. Your florist should be able to help you.
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    there's a plant called dusty miller that has sort of shimmery gray/silver leaves. it could work really beautifully:
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