First appointmen with florist - what should I ask?

I have my first appointment with a florist this weekend to discuss bouquets and boutennieres.  What are some good questions I should be asking to make sure we are on the same page, and that they are a good fit for our wedding?  I'm planning on meeting with 2-3 before deciding.
Thank you!

Re: First appointmen with florist - what should I ask?

  • Think about what flowers you like and what kind of a feel you are going for.  Romantic? Simple? Sophisticated? Monochromatic?

    If you have them, take pictures that you've found and like.  The florist should have a book of past work for you to look through.

    Give him/her your budget up front.  A good florist can help you get to where you want to be within that budget.  Mine was able to look at what I liked and get the same effect using dasies and lisianthus - flowers I never would have thought of.

    Finally, when you sign a contract, make sure that not only are the flowers spelled out but also that substitute flowers are listed in case something happens and your first choice is not available for your wedding.  Also, make sure that you are clear about what kind of bouquets you want.  It's fashionable to have flowers that look like a ball on a stick which I did not want.  I told my florist I wanted them to look like I'd just picked them out of the garden for my courtyard wedding.

    Good luck.
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  • Like PP said, please make sure you tell them your budget.  This way they will be able to take your ideas and adjust them to fit within your budget.

    Take pictures and/or lists of flowers you like.

    Make sure that you are firm on colors before going.

    Have a list of people you want flowers for so you don't forget anyone important.

    Be flexible with what you want...a good florist will be able to suggest different flowers that provide the same effect but at a lower price point.

    Also be vocal if you honestly do not like something...florists are there to help and if they do not seem helpful or try to push you in a specific look you don't like then that is not someone you want to go with.

    Finally, ask to see pictures of weddings and other events that they have done...this will give you a sense of their design style and whether that fits with your wedding style.

  • as a bride, am I requied to pay for my BM's bouquets? and GM's bouts?
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    [QUOTE]as a bride, am I requied to pay for my BM's bouquets? and GM's bouts?
    Posted by mrssoontobesmith[/QUOTE]

    Yes you are.  The ONLY thing that they are required to put out money for is the money for the dress and the suit or tux.  If you want anything additional like professionally done hair and makeup, a certain shoe, specific jewelry, manicures, etc. you pay for it - and no, none of this can be your thank you gift to them.
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