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So...I'm totally new at this and trying to crunch some numbers.  We're probably going to have a wedding between 200-225 people.  Flowers we're looking for a branchy/candle enchanted forest look (more minimal on the flowers as this isn't a #1 priority for us).  Any idea between bouquets/bridal party, centerpieces and chuppah what type of price range we're looking at for a wedding that will take place either in Central NJ or the Hudson Valley?????
Thank you so much!-Heather

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    Hi, Heather!  

    I'm having a wedding of about 200 in Maryland.  I'm using mostly roses for the ceremony. For the reception we are doing trees with hanging crystals.  I was quoted around $2,700 for ceremony and reception.
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    This is just a thought, and it wasn't until my 3rd appt that a florist told me that you can have an array of different kind of flowers that cost the same.  The only floral stuff we are having at the reception is going to be rose petals.  However, for my bouquet  there are light pink and hot pink roses, white calla lilies, and green buttons.  2 BM will have pink of blush alstroemeria, green buttons and pink roses, and then of course a toss bouq more similiar to the BM, 9 bouts, 5 corsages, 4 bags of petals, 2 single stem roses for memorial vases.  $400.  It sounds like alot, but the biggest quote we got was $1300.  So, $400 doesn't sound so bad after that!  Good luck!
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