HELP! Need flower advice!

I am doing my own flowers for my country wedding in October of this year. I am using Garden Roses, Hydrangeas, and Peonies with some Lamb Ears and Baby's Breathe for accents. My colors are Peach/Orange, Coral, Green, White/Ivory, and Khaki




. I have NO CLUE how many flowers I should order so I have enough for my bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces.. I will post photos on what I am doing and hopefully someone can help me!! im stressed out!

Re: HELP! Need flower advice!

  • I would talk to a florist about it. Even if you end up purchasing your flowers from someone else they could probably give you some good advice. Or do you have a friend or relative who has experience with flowers? I'm having a florist do my bouquets and boutonnieres but was thinking about DIYing my centerpieces with my bridesmaids a day or two before the wedding. The florist I'm currently working with was very helpful and gave me a list what flowers and how many of each I would need for the arrangements I wanted to make. My biggest obstacle right now with DIYing the centerpieces is that I don't have a cool place to store them after we make them and they could wilt since my wedding is in July... Good luck! 
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    My best advice is to do a trial run. 

    Since it looks like you are doing all hydrangeas for your BMs, I would say that you would need 3-5 stems depending on the size head.

    For your bouquet I would definitely suggest a trial run.  Heck you could even do it with silk flowers instead of having to buy the real thing.  This way you get an idea of the size and just how much product you need to use.

    Same with the centerpieces, do a trial run with some silks.

    As for ordering, calculate all the product you need from the trial runs and add on some extra for safety (breakage, bad stem, small heads, etc).

    For the corsages and bouts, you can really use whatever pieces are left over but I would consider adding in a stem or two into your order for each corsage and bout.  It is always better to have more then enough then to run out before you are done.

  • Consider checking out various bouquets from local grocery stores or markets. Surprisingly, Costco has a nice flower department! Count the stems, and consider the size of the vases you plan to use. If you mismatch small vases you would need less stems..
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