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Florist - delay in responding to emails

I met with a florist about a week and a half ago, and she was awesome!  Though she told me that she absolutely would not use hydrangea because they wilt too easily (and it was going to be my MOH's bouquet), she gave me great options, and even let me take home a few flowers as a sample.

She sent me her quote two days later - and while not nearly as professional as the other two quotes I got, in that it was just a small paragraph in an email, with abbreviated flower names (as opposed to the Word Documents with very detailed descriptions I got from the other places). 

The price is right (about the same as one of the other two I interviewed), and I really got along well with her.

The problem is... I've sent her two emails in the 8 days, and she hasn't responded to either: one was a "I want you for our florist... but can we change XXX", and the other was a "my fiance wants to know if we need to come in to sign a contract, or what".  I've gotten no response to either.

Should I be worried?  I know that she's not the most professional from the get-go, from her very casual email quote... but I'm getting very worried that she's not responding to my emails at this point - what will she be like when it comes time for my actual wedding?

What do you ladies think??  Should I cut my losses, and change now, before it's too late?


Re: Florist - delay in responding to emails

  • Catwoman708Catwoman708 member
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    Professionalism, promptness, and organizational skills are not required to make beautiful, artistic wedding flowers.  But those are qualitites to look for when choosing dependable vendors.

    If the prices are comparable to the other 2 florist's quotes you got, then why are you not going with someone who shows a little more professionalism?

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    I completely agree with Catwoman. You can get along great with someone but I would be worried if she flaked out on the admin responsibilities. Once she has your money she will have to keep up with your file, your payment history, your date, your details, etc. (all kinds of admin things).

    I had two quotes that were dead on; I got along great with both. When you sit down to compare them where do you get more bang for your buck? With mine I noticed that Florist A provided a bouquet of 5 stems for $100. Florist B provided a bouquet of 8 stems for $100. More bang for the buck.

    Also, hydrangeas do wilt faster than some other flowers; however this can be prevented! She just doesn't want to use them because that isn't her "vision." If you want them you should have them!
  • Lisa50Lisa50 member
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    If you're uncomfortable now with the level of communication and a phone call doesn't straighten things out, look elsewhere.  The week before the wedding will be hectic and you certainly don't need to stress out over a vendor who disappears.  Go with comfort and sanity!!  A few bucks difference will be worth it!

    Good luck.
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    I agree with the other posters. Plus, I would be upset if my florist told me I couldn't use a certain flower. I would understand if they recommended using another type, but flat out saying they won't use it is unprofessional, IMO. We used hydrangeas in my bridesmaid's bouquets and centerpieces for our outdoor wedding, in August, and they held up fine for even a couple days after. I would consider finding a florist that is willing to work with you. 
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    Move on. 
    Working with you is clearly not her priority.
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