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When looking online at Sams Club website ("wedding packs" and "bulk floral"), they only have select few types of flowers to order from. Are these the only flower options available or do you have to make an appointment at a store to get the wider variety? If you used sams club, what kind of flowers did you use in your bouquet?

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    i used white hydrangea, yellow roses and white roses.  i would go by your local sam's to see if they have other options.  i was very pleased with my flowers. 
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    Great information, thanks!
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    Sam's has great prices and good quality, but they have a limited selection, either in store or ordering bulk online.  The floral departments in stores do not offer full floral services.

    Several Sam's stores near us have recently downsized their in-store floral departments to a single display case, like you would see at Target Supercenters, and no longer have a floral person on hand or do arrangements at the store.
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