Bouquet holders for head table?

For anyone who is doing/has done a head table, do you know of any good vases or some sort of holder for the bouquets? FMIL's sister keep telling her about ones that her daughter-in-law used at their wedding, but hasn't been able to describe them to me at all... I'm worried about vases tipping over, and I don't think we want anything tall that's going to obscure people's view. Is there something that maybe hangs over the edge of the table, or lays flat and the bouquets get tucked in? I'm open to suggestions and links! :) 

Re: Bouquet holders for head table?

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    I just laid mine on our table without keeping it in water.  But I have seen a couple of different options online.

    I don't know where to get this one from but it's really pretty.

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    did you check on oriental trading company's website? Or in the knot shop? I know I've seen bouquet holders and I cannot remember where I saw them. They attach to the edge of your table and the bouquets sit nicely inside them without obstructing anyone's view.

    Actually I checked, has something that might be helpful to you.
    Here is the link:

    hope this helps!
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    Our florist provided small vases for ours (we put ours on our cake table).

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    Hello..I have used a pilsner beer glass may times to hold bouquets, they are inexpensive, gracefull in design and the stems of the bouquets "fit" really nicely, plus they usually have heavy bottoms, so they will not topple over, also you can use them after the Big Day, so they are multi purpose as well. You can find them at the Dollar Tree stores natinally for $1.00 a piece.
    Good luck!
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