Need help with centerpiece colors :)

This is my first time writing on a board here. I hope someone can help :) Here's my problem. I'm getting married in November. I'm going for a fall look so my bridesmaids are wearing brown dresses with all cream rose bouquets. My bouquet will be all red roses. Now hear is where I'm running into the problem. I want to add another color to my centerpieces. So I'll have the red and cream roses and flowers but what other color could I add just to make it more "fall" looking? Also, does it matter that the centerpieces will be slightly different then mine and my bridesmaids bouquet's? Thanks for your help :)

Re: Need help with centerpiece colors :)

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    allisonkbyeallisonkbye member
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    maybe add brown twigs? manzanita branches? those seem to be popular nowadays
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    Magdala9Magdala9 member
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    Our bouquets were blue and yellow.  Our centerpieces were blue, yellow, green and orange.  It looked lovely.  To provide a connection, we used some of the same flowers in both.

    A third color would be lovely in your color combination, a dark purple or deep gold or both. would be beautiful in that combination.  There are a number of dark brown seed pods that could add a touch of brown to the combination too. 
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