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Chapel Dulcinea - free chapel in ATX


I booked May 24, 2013 at Chapel Dulcinea in Austin, TX at 7pm.  It is a free wedding chapel.  But, the only catch is that you have to put $400 down to hold your spot.  You get a full refund when you show up for it.  Unfortunately, Austin was too far after all for my family to travel.  So now, I have a spot booked.  If I cancel before 30 days of the wedding, I only get $200 back from the $400 I put down.  If you are interested in taking over this spot please email me at tnzwedd@yahoo.com.  I can contact them to have my name replaced with yours.  Like I said, you would be paying $400, but actually get a full refund on your wedding day.  So it's a beautiful, free ceremony spot!
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