Anything but flowers!

I'm not a fan of spend lots of money on them and they die. I, however, want something to carry when I walk down the aisle and would like something for my bridesmaids. Does anyone have any suggestions for something I could use besides flowers?
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Re: Anything but flowers!

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    twilight.rosetwilight.rose member
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    You can really carry anything you'd like. Some options I've seen are lanterns, clutches, button bouquets, and wire bouquets (
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    jagore08jagore08 member
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    The last wedding I went to the bride carried a bouquet made of fabric flowers and the BM didn't carry anything.  The BM walk in with their hands folded together.  The bride said she got her bouquet from an Etsy seller (I'm not sure which one).
    This was her bouquet:
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    anglgrl718anglgrl718 member
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    That bouquet is beautiful, but what is an Etsy seller? I'd like to look into having something like that, it's really pretty.

    Also, the wire bouquet idea is intriguing too, thank you for the ideas! 
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    Etsy is a website, where people sell mostly handmade items, of all sorts. It's a wonderful website!

    I found these beautiful feathers in different colors at Hobby Lobby. They are fairly good sized, and soft and very feminine. I wanted to carry just one of them, no flowers or anything but somehow got talked into, instead, carrying a feather in my bouquet. Maybe you could do a feather?
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