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centerpiece dimensions

 Our wedding is in October, and I'm finalizing my visions for our centerpieces.  Our theme is "autumn in Ireland", so we're using seasonal flowers.  We're anticipating 100 guests, so there willl be 10 tables of 10, of those 5 will have wheat bundles similar to this design from Martha Stewart weddings

The other 5 will be a glass cylinder vase with curly willow branches, foxtails, and some dried grasses.  I can't for the life of me figure out what size the vases need to be, though.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Is a 5"x16" vase too big or too small?

Re: centerpiece dimensions

  • The dimensions of the vase have to fit the size/height of what they are holding. If you are unsure of the dimensions, take your centerpiece fillers to a craft store or wherever you are buying your vases and try them out. I'd assume the curly willow branches will the tallest of the items you mentioned, so if you only have them at this time, take them in with you. To look proportional, the flowers or branches should be about 2 times taller than the vase that is holding them. If the curly willow is say 24 inches tall, you probably want a vase 9-12  inches tall, etc.
  • Thanks!  What about the diameter---is there a standard rule?  I was assuming that since the tables are 60", it would be best to have a vase no bigger than 6" wide.

  • The diameter of the vase does not matter............what you have in the center should complement what is around it.

    For example, if your tables will have butter, a water pitcher,  water glasses, wine glasses, table settings, then that will take up a lot of space. Your centerpiece items therefore do not have to be "wide". There is no standard "width" of centerpiece items unless the table is going to look particularly cluttered because you have too much.

    Many brides have a vase, surounded by votive candle holders with candles and it looks fine. If you have a large favor box on the table at each place setting, for example, that would take up a lot of room and the centerpieces might get lost.

    It's what YOU find visually appealing that doesn't look cluttered.
  • with a table fully set with glassware/etc you have a 23" center space to work with,that is the usual standard. what you do with that space realy doesn't make a difference....but I would not use any glassware with less than a 5 or 6' circumfrence.
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