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My wedding is being planned for Oct. 27, I have some time. But I have no idea what colors to pick. i like red, but what goes with red? i feel like everyone does pink or purple so I would like to stay away from those. Any suggestions???


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    With that time of year, I would use fall colors. I have seen some great fall wedding photos with brown and orange combo. 

    Red and gold would be a good color combo if you want to use red. I think that would be a great combo choice as well.

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    You can use whatever colors you love no matter the time of year.  A very popular color combo (and my second choice for my wedding) is black and white with red accents.  If you Google colors and put "wedding" after it, lots of inspiration board will come up and these can be really helpful.
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    check out

    this site was a HUGE help when I was trying to nail down my color palette

    here's a link to their red boards:
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    My BMs were in a darker purple. The bouquets were red & orange with hints of yellow and green. My bouquet was the same but I had hints of purple to tie everything in. It was very fallish and looked nice. I don't have a professional picture with me right now but here is an amateur one. I was supposed to have a little more red but the kangaroo paw wasn't fully blooming.

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    I had red and gold for my October wedding.  BMs wore Apple red dresses from DB.  Bouquettes were circus roses with red hypericum berries. 

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    * orange + red + yellow
    * red + gold+
    * black & white
    * hot pink
    * dark green
    * your favorite colour
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