I want Sunflowers for my wedding but...

I really want my colors to be a bright pink and green because it's just ME but I'm not too sure if the colors will go with sunflowers! I had been looking at a cornflower blue to go with sunflowers but I just felt like it wasn't just right for me...Then I saw pink and green and knew that's what I wanted. I also like the bright colors becuase the wedding is going to be at night in the summer and I am rambling on and on now lol

So what I'm asking is if pink and green would be ok with sunflowers or if you have a better suggestion...And I really don't want any dark colors because it's just not me or my fiance.

Thanks For The Help

Re: I want Sunflowers for my wedding but...

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    I think that sunflowers could work, I might mix them into some other flowers to help ease it into your color scheme. 
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