Mixture of heights for Reception Tables

Looking for thoughts, advice as to what looks best for centerpieces on the reception tables.    We will have between 15-18 tables in a good size room and were thinking of having three different kinds of centerpieces when it comes to sizes....all with the same flowers theme, but some simple with flower sprig submurged in hurricane shape, some arranged in low vases and some arranged on top of tall pilsner stye vases........
Any thoughts?
Anyone done this?   Seen this?


Re: Mixture of heights for Reception Tables

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    Varying the heights of centerpieces is very common and makes for a great look.  Since tall centerpieces weren't in my budget, I originally was going to vary my centerpieces with an arrangement in one vase on half the tables, and an arrangement of a cluster of 3 vases on the other half.  But when I did my mockup, I liked the centerpiece in the one vase so much I just used it on all the tables.

    If it were me, I would just pick between the tall and one of the low ones and just do 2 but you can certainly do it however you want.

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    I love when the tables vary and look diffrent personally
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    I'm using three heights:  Tall are manzinita branches with flowers at the base, mid are a trio of candles at varying heights with flowers at the base and low are a lower vase with flowers.  I love weddings with varying heights because I think it adds interest.
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