Sam's Club Flowers In a Box--need reviews!

Hi, all!

I'm considering ordering the flowers in the box combos for roses for my wedding.  Has anyone ever ordered these before--specifically the red ones?

I'm VERY nervous about the prospect of ordering them online, but the cost savings is making it very attractive.   

Also, I need to make sure they are very easy to care for.  As in 'snip and store' (in water).  I'm terrible at assembling anything, so I want to make sure these are low maintenance! :)

May I have your thoughts?!

Re: Sam's Club Flowers In a Box--need reviews!

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    Don't know the flowers, but I do know that I am also not good at assembling things, and it would just add to my stress to worry I had screwed them up... maybe extra cost would buy peace of mind?  Food for thought.
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    I'm planning on ordering flowers from Sam's too.  I don't personally know anyone who's done it, but their flowers (especially the roses) seem to have mostly excellent reviews on the site.  You might try over on the DIY board.  There's wuite a few girls whoe were just married in recent weeks and at least one of them used Sam's and loved them (I don't remember who though).
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    Thanks for your responses ladies!

    Alehayes--when is your wedding scheduled? 
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    i can say i would order my flowers from sam's again!  once i get all my pictures back i'm doing a review with more pics.  below is a pic of my bouquet.  i was grabbing it so tight i messed my ribbon up! 

    i ordered roses and hydrangea from sam's.  i got the flowers in that thursday.  my wedding was saturday.  i bought 2 buckets from home depot.  i also made sure i had flower preservative and shears on hand.  as soon as the flowers arrived, i cut 1-2 inches off the stems and removed the thorns.  make sure you cut the stems under water.  from what i read online before getting my flowers, introducing air into the stem  prevents them from taking in the water.  i also removed any leaves that would be in direct contact with the water.  this mucks up the water.  i just kept them in a cool dark room since i couldn't refrigerate the buckets.

    bouquets and centerpieces were done friday night.  everything held up fantastically!  also another trick i used on the hydrangea was water tubes.  i kept the ones in the bouquets in water tubes.  they will wilt very fast.  we incorporated them into the bouquet.  we wrapped them with ribbon.  you couldn't even see them!

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