Flowers: Close to home or reception?

Just curious if it's okay to get flowers from a place local to my house? My fiance and I are getting married about 45 minutes from home, would you recommend finding a florist local to our wedding venue?
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Re: Flowers: Close to home or reception?

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    flower_divaflower_diva member
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    use your local florisrt..hopefully it is someone that you already know.
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    jagore08jagore08 member
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    I suggest using a florist close to your wedding venue.  Transporting flowers to the venue is going to be a PITA if it's a far distance, especially so if it's hot outside.  I was married about an hour away from my hometown and we used a local florist.  The delivery fee was included in my price but I'm sure if they had to drive an hour to deliver and set up there would have been a substantial fee.
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    twilight.rosetwilight.rose member
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    Ditto jagore. I got married about an hour and a half from where H and I live, and it was definitely a good decision to use a florist local to the wedding venue. We didn't have to worry about transport, traffic, etc. the day of the wedding, which would have been needless stressors if we'd used a florist from our city.
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    Maggie0829Maggie0829 member
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    45 minutes isn't that far so I would use your local florist.  My florist has delivered all around the state and has never had an issue transporting flowers.  If your florist is good it shouldn't be a problem.

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    if your wedding is only 45 minutes away most florist can drive that distance with your flowers with no problems i would use your local florist . if you are near Liverpool, i would use creative florist  they are wonderful ,that is who i am using and my wedding is 1 hour away

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