Advice: Color overload?

I'm trying to finalize my bouquet, and I'm having a disagreement with my mom.  Our colors are blue and purple.  The BM dresses are a royal blue, and their bouquets will be white (I figured colored bouquets would be a bit intense). I really wanted purple flowers, so my bouquet will be purple.  I love color, so I want PURPLE, deep vibrant hues.  I would be perfectly happy with just a cluster of deep purple, however my mom is insisting that I should have some color variation so that it's not just an overwhelming glob of purple and actually "pops".  She's making suggestions like using Irises, including light lilac colors, and/or adding some white flowers in.

What I'm looking for is honest opinions on what you think about how this would look (not the "do what you want" answer, because I'm not sure anymore!).  Do you think it would still look pretty just being a whole bunch of deep purple, or do you think I need to include some kind of color variation?

Re: Advice: Color overload?

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