Dresses and Flowers--HELP!

I am trying to pick out colors for my wedding that will be in June of 2012.  I will be ordering dresses from David's Bridal for my bridesmaids.  From there, I can't decide if I want to get dresses in the following colors: (they are all some shade of aqua/blue) Oasis, Cornflower, or Pool.  Here is the link you can go to to see the dress style and you can click on the different colors as well:

Any suggestion on which color of dress I should go for?  Originally, I wanted orange dresses; however, I cannot find a shade of orange from David's Bridal that I like.  So, I'm wondering what colors I can use for flowers with any of those colors listed above.  I was thinking yellow would for sure go along with any of those colors.  But I'm wondering if orange would go with those colors?  Any suggestions on flower colors for the dress colors I've listed above?  It's so hard to envision everything!


Thanks for your help!

Re: Dresses and Flowers--HELP!

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    First off I don't want to reccomend a color from just seeing it online.  Because I know with Davids Bridal the colors online look a LOT different than in the store. :/ So, sorry for no help, cause I would not want to reccomend a color if it looks completely different in person.  Maybe ask your bridesmaids which color they like better when you go try them on. 

    As for the flowers, I think that Yellow and/or orange would look beautiful with a blue/aqua :)
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    Like PP said, the colors can look very different online vs in person. However, I was in a wedding this summer where we wore a color in that range and had yellow and orange flowers. I thought it looked great.

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    I agree with PPs:  the orange/yellow flowers will look very nice with the shades of blue.

    Before you decide for sure, go to the store and see the colors in the dress, that will help with your decision.  My WP is wearing the exact same dress, except in Horizon and Clover.
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    Yellows and oranges are very complimentary with shades of blue.  If you like the orange/yellow flowers, I like them better with either "pool" or "oasis".

    Which shade BM dresses you end up ordering depends on a lot of other factors, like your other wedding accessories and accents, and which will look better on the BMs.

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