Red Bridal Bouquet?

I have always absolutely loved red roses, and as soon as I began wedding planning, I decided that I would want my bouquet to consist primarily of red roses. My wedding colors are red, black, and white, and I think that red roses look stunning against a white bridal gown. I had also considered supplying the bridesmaids with all-white bouquets for interesting contrast, as they will be wearing red dresses. I recently started my florist search, however, and one said that she always recommends against opting for brightly colored bridal bouquets because they tend to detract attention from the bride herself.

Any thoughts on this?

Re: Red Bridal Bouquet?

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    I don't think things like this will distract from the bride.  If you like red roses then go for it.
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    saacjwsaacjw member
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    I've seen pictures of brides with brightly colored bouquets and think it looks just fine.
    Check out these pictures, all of these brides have bright bouquets and they definately don't distract.

    ETA- my florist actually really recommended more color for my bouquet than I had planned because she thought it would make it tie nicely with the bridesmaids dresses and flowers. 
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    At first I wanted black magic roses but they probably are kinda spendy. But go for it that is what I was gonna do.

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    That's exactly what I'm doing at my wedding!
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    I was wondering if my colors are red, black, white, with little silver could I do pink with peach flowers for my bridesmaids and me? Dress are black.

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    swanratswanrat member
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    I have the same colors as you and am planning doing the same thing! I think it will look great! I don't see how it would detract attention.
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    agardenagarden member
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    I don't think that a beautiful bouquet will detract from the bride. It can only enhance. Think how beautifully photos will turn out with all that contrast. 
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    Those are great points. I think I'll stick with the red rose bouquet, as I have wanted, and find a florist who understands my vision. Thanks for all of the feedback!
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    Truthfully, it might be a difference in taste.  Some florists will not do certain bouquets, becuase it is not a good reflection of their style (maybe she does a more muted palette).  However, it is your decision and I think it sounds beautiful.  I love red roses ;)

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    That's what I am doing too.  Bridesmaids are in eggplant dresses, so I will carry eggplant calla lillies while they will carry white. 
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