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Hello Again!
I had a favor to ask of you girls. I have found the picture of my perfect shoes but I can't find them at the stores! I have found them in other colors but not the purple color that I wanted. SO I was wondering if any of you girls happen to see these shoes while you are hunting for your own shoes if you could buy them & I would pay you back plus some! I know it's a weird thing to ask, but it's really hard for me to go store to store in my wheelchair. I would be eternally grateful!!
I have seen them at DSW in gold, black, brown and red. They used to carry purple (plum?) at my store but the clerk said that they've been marked down so I can't find them.
They are Nina, and I would need a size 6. Here is a picture of them I found on Weddingbee:

Thanks so much in advance!!

Re: WANTED: Shoes

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