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hi ladies i was wondering how this would sound, to save money on flowers i was going to do natual feel flowers for my bridal party and parents and real flowers for enter pieces. well my question is the bouquets im intrested in are off-white, Eggplant/Currant Calla Lilies about (400 all together) then was thinking about doing roses in off white  and pink for the enterpieces (12 for around 150 from would this look wierd or should i just just spend the 300 for the matching lilies for centerpieces? TIA ladies

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    Actaully, I don't think you'll save much by using artificial flowers for the WP.  You would save more money and effort by keeping it very simple and elegant.  With roses and callas, that will be easy.  

    Personally, I'd use real flowers for the WP, because WP flowers are FOR someone and have a sentiment attached, and centerpieces are purely for decoration. 

    Are you using a florist or DIYing your flowers?  You might need a little help with your bridal bouquet and corsages, but BM calla bouquets can be very simple and elegant, and bouts are really easy to DIY.

    If you are using vases, callas are very simple, and don't need much "foofing".
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    You can do just roses if you like for the center pieces.  I'm doing something similiar.  I talked to a friend of mine who previously was a florist, and she said using just roses would be fine.  You boquet and centerpieces don't have to match. 

    We are doing peonies for the boquets with rose centerpieces.  I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who was fretting over this.

    It will all turn out great, just do whatever you and your hubby-to-be feel like.
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